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You, Me and Everyone We Know - Batch 001

After packaging Come What Mayhaw, we knew it would be a shame to dump out all the beautiful mayhaws from the foeder without reusing them first. When considering our options, we knew fairly quickly what we wanted to do. 

Last spring, we brewed an extra batch of our hoppy saison “All My Tomorrows," and immediately racked it to fresh California Chardonnay barrels along with some of our favorite strains of brettanomyces. A year later, our patience was rewarded with a bright and funky beer that has a nice touch of acidity. We felt this beer would blend well with our Louisiana mayhaws in our foeder to create a truly unique beer. To add another layer of complexity, we dry hopped this beer with a touch of Citra. The result is a nice and tart fruit forward saison with an added bit of bright but subtle funk.

The result is our first iteration of “You, Me and Everyone We Know,” the sour mainstay of our Belgian Program. The name is a testament to the people with whom we fill our lives -- people who inspire us, make us better, and those we couldn’t live without. This beer, like those people, motivates us to express ourselves through beer, which always seem to get better with age.

This iteration is 7% ABV and should be consumed relatively fresh in order to enjoy the lovely mayhaw flavors. 

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