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Provisions and Traditions Volume Two: Gose

We love subtle and nuanced beers. That shouldn’t be breaking news. The challenge of brewing simple and clean beer with a depth of flavor is a challenge. Hell, Great Raft was built on the idea that quality of flavor should be celebrated as much as the intensity of flavor.

Clearly the scene amongst American craft brewer is trending towards intensity these days. Bigger and bolder doesn’t always mean better. Ok, that’s enough “old man, get off my lawn, uphill both ways” banter.  Let’s talk about Gose!

Gose, pronounced "Gose-uh" as in "rose" plus "uh", is a very old German ale dating back to the 10th century and seldom seen these days.  This old German beer style is an unfiltered wheat beer made with 50-60% malted wheat, which creates a cloudy yellow color and provides a refreshing crispness and twang. A gose will have low hop bitterness and a complementary dryness and spice from the use of ground coriander seeds and a sharpness from the addition of salt.

We decided on this style to complement the faire at Johnny Sanchez. Chef de Cuisine Miles Landrem is all about layered complexity and bringing a lot more to the table than just straight heat often seen in Mexican cuisine. Chef Brewer Harvey Kenney and Miles immediately hit it off and starting diving into the perfect style to accompany the expansive selection at Johnny Sanchez. The result is an unfiltered ale brewed with 50% wheat, acidulated malt, coriander and Avery Island salt. Our gose features restrained sour and salty components with a bright citrus accent coming from a healthy dose of coriander. This beer will be absolutely crushable in the hotter months upon us.

Provisions and Traditions Volume Two will make its debut at Johnny Sanchez and Great Raft Brewing on Cinco de Mayo. Come celebrate with us in New Orleans or at the brewery as we kick off the second volume of this charitable beer series benefiting The John Besh Foundation. For more about this collaboration series, click here.


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