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New-and-Improved Grace and Grit

Grace and Grit is being released again this week and this time, you may find that it tastes and looks, a little different. However, I'm happy to say that we're done making tweaks. 

Many of you know we have been making small deviations with each batch – some have been fruitful changes, and others not ideal. All have been subjectively small and nothing like the rework for Commotion, our year-round Pale Ale. We changed a little malt here, added more hops there, etc. Nothing earth shattering, but always with the intent of making the best Double IPA we can make. 

But, what does the mean? Great question! For us it means a few things. Here is my bullet list of a what makes a great American Double IPA.

  • Aggressive, but not harsh bitterness. Spoiler alert. Hops are great. Actual bitterness derives from kettle or other hot side additions. But depth of flavor comes from layers of hot side additions and multiple dry hop additions.
  • Perceived vs actual bitterness is important. What I’m looking for is a depth of bitterness not derived from one single hop. I want American derived bitterness that borders the line between intense and harsh. Layers and layers of tropical, pine, and floral notes are ideal.
  • Malt. Sweet but restrained malt is important. A one-noted, muddy double IPA is easy. Malt balances out the absurd amount of hops going into today’s Double IPAs. As with any style, intensity of flavor is easy, complexity of flavor is a challenge.
  • Mouthfeel. Spunding a tank at the perfect time results in an enhanced mouthfeel. Closing off a tank at the tail end of fermentation evokes a natural carbonation unlike any other.

This is just a short list of things we focus on with our hop-driven beers that are certainly personality driven. The range of Double IPA available across the country today is huge, and certainly diverse enough to please everyone. Simply stated, this is our best effort to date and a beer that makes us immensely proud.

We hope you enjoy the new-and-improved Grace and Grit.

Day-old Grace and Grit hit Baton Rouge and NOLA today (draft and package). You can try the new DIPA in the tasting room on Saturday, March 5. It will be available throughout the rest of the state the week of March 7.