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A Little Bit About You, Me and Everyone We Know - Batch 003

In our experience, practice and patience seem to be the determining factors for creating truly outstanding beer. Our approach with our Belgian-inspired beers is no exception, as we've heeded the advice of our inspirational peers in the industry. No shortcuts. 

It's tricky though. You never really know when the beer is at it's peak. It may taste great at 2 months, or 4...but will it taste even better at 9 or 12 months? Or will it take a different turn after too much time on wood or fruit? It's a bit of a mystery, for sure.

But after nine months, we think that You, Me, and Everyone We Know - Batch 003 is ready for packaging and consumption. This is our first 100% foeder fermented sour. The first two beers in this series saw fruit, but also so stainless steel and smaller oak barrels.  Batch 003 has only been in our 30 bbl oak foeder, with no fruit added. The oak walls of our foeder cannot be cleaned like a stainless-steel vessel, so a certain amount of yeast, brettanomyces and bacteria remain in the oak to evolve over time. We are building a flavor profile that will develop over the years to be a base for many future projects.

For this release, we are pulling 20 of the 30 bbls out of the foeder. A fresh golden sour will be added to the remaining 10 barrels in the foeder for extend aging. The idea is that we leave beer behind in the foeder with each release to result in a blend of fresh and aged sour beer known as the Solera Method. This release is Solera Pull 001.

You, Me and Everyone We Know - Batch 003 is a bright and fruity golden ale, with sharp but nuanced acidity. 6 bottle limit / $9 per bottle. Tasting room release Friday, February 10th at 4PM.