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Great Raft Releasing VIVA! - A Belgian Wit

We are honored to be a supporter and sponsor of the Prize Family of events that take place in Shreveport every year. The Louisiana Film Prize, Music Prize and Start Up Prize are all phenomenal contests that encourage innovation, creativity, thoughtfulness and strategic execution -- all of which we appreciate as a fairly young company. We love that these events give locals an opportunity to shine and out-of-towners a chance to see what Shreveport is all about.

This is our second year as part of the Prize Family, and we wanted to up the game this year and make an official beer for the Film Prize. So we sat down with Gregory Kallenberg and his team to begin brainstorming what this beer should taste like. The result -- a sweet, spicy Belgian Wit brewed with coriander and citrus peel that is perfect for our never-ending summer. We call this beer VIVA! -- named after the Film Prize slogan, VIVA LA FILM PRIZE! It is 5% ABV and 15 IBU.

Some folks had a chance to try the beer at the Top 20 Announcement at the Robinson Film Center on August 11. This beer will be available at Music and Film Prize events throughout August, September and October. You can also find it at the Great Raft tasting room. A few other retail accounts in the greater Shreveport area will pick up the beer as well. So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to try this refreshing brew.