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Great Raft Crowlers are Now Available

Great Raft Brewing is proud to now offer crowlers to-go in the tasting room. Crowlers are 32 oz cans of fresh draft beer, filled and seamed to order. You may be thinking, "Why launch crowlers when you have growlers?" Among many other reasons, the aluminum can greatly reduces the beer's exposure to one of its worst enemies - light. The cans will go more places than traditional glass growlers, chill faster and are easy to transport.

The Crowler will be rinsed clean, purged with CO2, filled from our taps, and then capped and sealed on our Crowler seamer. We believe the crowler is the best to-go vessel for our draft beer. You don't have to remember to clean or bring your growler with you anymore, and we have the peace of mind knowing that our beer is tasting exactly how we intended it to. And that may be the best reason of all.

Shelf life will be about a week, but we always encourage you to enjoy beer as fresh as possible - preferably 48 hours from the time of fill. 

If you have questions, send an email to info@greatraftbrewing.com