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Grace and Grit is Back

Our third batch of Grace and Grit Double IPA is being bottled today and will be available starting Saturday, August 1st at noon in the tasting room. Bottles and draft will hit all markets as soon as next week.

Given the limited supply, we will have a three bottle limit. Bottles are $12 and 12oz pours are $5. Now, let’s talk about the beer!

As you know we aren’t much on complacency. A few months ago we made the decision to nix the original Commotion recipe and start from scratch. Take a deep breath. We didn’t go that route with batch three of Grace and Grit. Instead, we kept the same hop profile while increasing the bittering, whirlpool and dry hop amounts by roughly 20%. The nose is better than ever with huge notes of orange, grapefruit, and pine. The bitterness is assertive (but not harsh), and stands up to the sweetness of the malt with a sweet, subtly dry finish. Cherry life savers, sweet grapefruit, and orange rind are a few descriptors from the GRB staff.

This is also the first batch of Grace and Grit to utilize our hop rocket. The hop rocket allows us to safely shoot hops overhead into a tank while holding pressure and minimizing headspace and aroma loss.

The system works by shooting small slugs of hops up through a 2" blowoff arm while periodically releasing pressure.  The actual uptake process of dryhopping is classified into 2 stages:

1.  The actual solubilization of essential oils and resins into the aqueous medium that is beer.

2.  The yeast mediated breakdown of sugar moieties to release aroma and flavor compounds.

The use of our hop rocket gives us a lot of bang for our buck in terms of dry hopping.

Outside the increase in hops and utilization of our hop rocket, Grace and Grit is largely the same juicy double IPA you know and love. We are doing our absolute best to brew to demand, but somehow always wind up short. Bottles will be very limited but allocated evenly across all markets. Please understand we do our best here and hope everyone gets a chance to try a beer we are very proud of. 

We look forward to seeing everyone in the tasting room for more hoppy goodness.