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Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Mad Joy

OMG...it's Barrel Aged OMJ!
We are thrilled to release our first barrel aged beer – Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Mad Joy will be released Saturday, May 9th in the tasting room starting at noon. 22oz bottles will be sold for $15 each with a four bottle limit per person.   
Here are a few guidelines. Please read carefully.
  • Bottle and draft allocations will be released to retailers the week of May 11. Watch Facebook and the blog for details about those events during American Craft Beer Week.
  • The release day event at the brewery is the first time Barrel Aged Old Mad Joy will be available. Doors will open at noon and bottles will besold on a first come, first served basis. 
  • We get phone calls daily about this beer so please plan accordingly. Please don’t show up at 5PM and complain if we are sold out.
  • Please do not call or email asking about reserve bottles. We are doing our best to give everyone plenty of heads up. The four bottle limit, generous allocations to retailers and clear communication is the best we can do to assure those interested know when and where to procure this beer.
  • If the need for a line occurs, please form one in an orderly fashion and act like adults. It’s just beer, we can (and will) make more.
  • We do not have bags or boxes. If you plan on buying multiple bottles please bring something to carry out your barrel aged goodness. Life is too short to spend it cleaning up glass in the parking lot.
  • We will have Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Mad Joy on tap at the brewery when we open at noon. 10oz servings will be poured as long as it lasts. Sorry, no growlers fills.
  • Please do not attempt to bribe Harvey with pork products. True, he is a weak weak man when it comes to pork, but that won’t get you any bottles.