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Born in a Barn V

Let me start this blog post by apologizing for the lack of Born in a Barn (BIAB) over the past few weeks. Not having a saison on tap in the tasting room is a struggle for me, and for many of you as well. We didn’t quite time it perfectly for the next release and ran out of BIAB IV early. We have made amends and can’t wait to share our latest take on our rotating house saison.

For Born in Barn V, we really want to show off a few raw materials and create a simplistic but flavorful beer. We decided to brew a SMASH, which is an acronym for Single Malt And Single Hop -- only one type of malt and one type of hop. That’s it. This approach really allows the ingredients to shine.  We decided to use the ubiquitous Belgian pilsen malt with a rising star in the hop world called Lemon Drop. Lemon Drop throws a soft lemon citrus and herb-like quality, and really enhances the esters and phenolics in our Belgian yeast strain. 

This iteration of Born in a Barn is the closest to a traditional saison we have ever brewed. 6% ABV, dry as a bone, aromatic, earthy, and sharp.

Release date: Tuesday, 12/29 at the tasting room