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Born in a Barn II

I absolutely love Saison. I see it as a blank canvas, allowing for so many possibilities. I once told Chief Brewer Harvey Kenney that I would be perfectly content with brewing saison alone in the dark for the rest of my life. You can imagine the terror in the eyes of a brewer with over ten years of experience perfecting the art of lager. That contrast balances us out, to say the least. The result is a dynamic brewery with a balanced focus on quality and innovation.

Born in a Barn was an idea born out of selfish necessity. I wanted a house beer that you could only enjoy at the brewery. It quickly became a beer that y’all looked forward to drinking in the tasting room, even though many of you gave us grief about not letting it leave in a growler.

This idea of Born in a Barn serving as our house beer is all fine and good, but I realized that brewing the same Saison over and over isn’t all that exciting. I was pleased with the first batch of Born in a Barn but had a few changes I wanted to make to the base recipe. As much as people loved our first iteration, I found myself wanting to explore the style and change it each time we brew it. After all, Saison is French for “season.” Why wouldn’t we change it up throughout the year? Each iteration of Born in the Barn will be something new and exciting. We plan to brew the next batch around Christmas and have something dark and toasty in mind. Your feedback is always welcomed. For now, come out and enjoy our newest Born in a Barn.

This Thursday, August 21, we will launch Born in a Barn II. (For those in love with the first iterations of this beer, don’t worry. The base malt and yeast strain are the same.) Born in a Barn II is similar to Born in a Barn I, but this one was brewed with oats and coriander. Coriander is the seed of the cilantro and imparts a nice earthy and citrusy character in the beer.

See you at the brewery for a pint!

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