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Congrats to the 2014 Great Raft Brewing Homebrew Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone involved with the 2014 Great Raft Homebrewhaha – our first annual homebrew competition.
We want to thank each of the 29 entrants for their hard work, as well as the judges (MMMM President Jeff Pieper, GRB President Andrew Nations, GRB Cheif Brewer Harvey Kenney), and GRB Brand Manager Ross Tompkins for organizing and executing the event. 
There were quite a few great beers entered, and we were pleased to see so much local interest in homebrewing. We look forward to meeting more of you, and hosting another homebrew competition next year.  
This year, some of the submissions came from Southern Drawl wort, while others from Reasonably Corrupt wort. Therefore, we picked the best beers for each, then selected an overall winner. 
2014 Winners
Southern Drawl Wort Winner: Brian Gaude – American Pale Ale
Reasonably Corrupt Wort Winner: Gene Nichols - Porter-ish
Best of Show / Overall Winner: Brian Gaude – American Pale Ale
Congrats from the entire Great Raft Brewing team!